About Me

Hi, I'm Jye.
Husband, father & photographer.

In a high school dark room way back in 2006. I remember physically processing my very first film negative in a chemical bath. The resulting image, a very out of focus flower, is what ignited my passion for photography.

Fast forward 14 years and that passion is still well and truely alight. Now days though, I capture small authentic moments that tell stories of love, happiness and life. Your stories.

My Style
I'm a candid natural light photographer. This means there's no expensive studios, elaborate lighting or fancy props. It also means I keep posing to an absolute minimum and instead focus on capturing real and authentic moments, reactions, expressions and emotions.
My Sessions
Natural, relaxed & comfortable.

Those are the three words I'm often given when asking past clients what they thought of their time with me.

My sessions are more akin to a casual catch up between lifelong friends than a photo shoot between strangers. There's no awkward small talk or uncomfortably long time standing in the same spot. Instead, they're full of smiles, laughter, meaningful words and even a bit of friendly banter.

My Family
I have a beautiful and supportive wife who I couldn't live without and a gorgeous little daughter who makes me the happiest person alive.
And That's Me
Are you ready to take a look at my packages, view my portfolio or book in a session or coffee?